10 Reasons To Come Back to the Catholic Church


If you have left the Catholic Church, for any reason, here are 10 reasons why you should come back to the Catholic Church:

10 – You can learn who you truly are.
By your Baptism you joined the family of God. You are now an adopted son or daughter of the Father in heaven and we are all your brothers and sisters. Come home. You are not identified by what you do, but rather, by who you truly are. You are loved and needed.

9 – Faith and reason go together in the Church.
Reason helps us to understand the world around us. Faith helps us see with the heart, through faith. Some real things are never seen or tested by science – love, morality, etc. Faith goes beyond what our senses can discover to find the one who is truth itself.

8 – For the sake of beauty.
The Church has been a promoter and a haven for beauty since it began. Beauty is of God, because it reflects a perfection of what something ought to be. We are built to recognize beauty and long for it. The most beautiful thing ever is God. His most beautiful creation is you.

7 – For your kids and family.
Having faith and going to church is good for families. The bond that Christ brings into the family can never be replicated. To raise your children in the faith and to strengthen marriages in God is something all families are made for.

6 – The Church is a family.
We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. By uniting ourselves to one another we can share in each other’s lives. We can live, mourn, and celebrate together as we walk toward heaven. We can also serve one another and fight for justice together.

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5 – True unity through being united to the Pope and Bishops.
The Pope and the Bishops give us an anchor to the truth that they are entrusted with. Thus, they are a source of unity for the Catholic Church. This is a comfort to know that even in our differences, we are united as one.

4 – Mary and the Saints.
The Church gives us the holiest men and women to ever live. The Saints not only provide examples for us on how we should live our lives, but they also intercede on our behalf. Our family isn’t just made up of those on earth!

3 – The fullness of truth and grace are in the Catholic Church. 
Christ and the Church can never be separated. Thus, we can know the truth about Jesus and salvation by listening to the Church. We can also have access to the fullness of grace through the Sacraments.

2 – Confession.
Anybody ever sin? We all have. But, we cannot forgive our own sins. What a great gift to have God, through a priest, forgive us. There is nothing we could ever do that is so bad God wouldn’t forgive it. We can’t make God stop loving us.

1 – The Eucharist.
God wants to be with you in a personal way. He wants to transform us and make us more like Him. To accomplish these things, Christ instituted the Eucharist, at the Last Supper. Now, we get to participate in the worship of Heaven, come down to earth, at every Mass. What a great gift – God Himself, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus.

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” – G.K. Chesterton

By Marcel LeJeune
Credit: Aggie Catholic

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