12 Steps To Overcome Depression


There are times in life when you feel like things will never get better and that your feelings of depression will never end. What can you do at those times when you feel hopeless, unmotivated, fatigued, or overwhelmed with life?

If you begin to feel depressed, your first step should be to focus your time and energy on yourself. Taking care of yourself emotionally, creatively, physically, and spiritually, can help turn negative thoughts and feelings into more positive ones.

Here are some steps you can try to take care of yourself and hopefully feel better:

  1. Exercise regularly & eat healthy foods.
  2. Get a reasonable amount of sleep each night.
  3. Find purpose.  Put your focus on someone or something other than yourself.
  4. Create a list of small goals to achieve, check them off as you accomplish them.
  5. Journal your thoughts each night before bed to clear your
  6. Listen to music or watch a movie that makes you happy.
  7. Do a creative activity as a way to express emotion or as a distraction.
  8. Don’t isolate yourself, be around people –even if it means just going to a store.
  9. Be present in the moment. Recognize and appreciate your surroundings and the people in your life.
  10. Meditate to relax and refocus your thoughts (try a meditation app).
  11. Use thought stopping techniques.
  12. Check out our 99 coping skills, which can offer a distraction or refocus your thoughts.

If your depression is overwhelming or just doesn’t seem to go away, don’t hesitate to tell an adult that you need some help.

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OVERCOME Depression