Catholics who Pray the Rosary often will Receive these 15 Benefits from Mother Mary


This is the content of the revelations to the Dominican monk Alan de la Roche

The fifteen promises of the Virgin to whom the Rosary says, are collected by Father Livio Fanzaga with Saverio Gaeta in ” Il Santo Rosario. The preghiera che Maria desidera “(The Holy Rosary, the prayer that Mary desires,  Sugarco edizioni )

The most important coder of the Rosary was the Dominican monk  Alan de la Roche , who died in 1475 and is considered the apostle of devotion for the Rosary in several European countries.

In his memoirs, Alan narrates that he received from the Virgin fifteen valid promises for all the  devotees of the holy Rosary , which are still very relevant today and which show the intensity of the love that the Virgin feels for all of us.

First promise

“To all who pray my Rosary devoutly, I promise my special protection.”

It is a guarantee that the Virgin has repeated many times, and that she remembers the ancient prayer Sub tuum praesidium  (Under your protection we welcome you).

Second promise

“He who persevere in the recitation of my Rosary will receive very powerful graces.”

Third promise

“The  Rosary is a powerful weapon  against hell: it will destroy the vices, free from sin and bring down heresies.”

It is a very particular promise: although Satan is not named, there is talk of the fight against hell.

Fourth promise

“The Rosary will make the virtues and the good works flourish again, and will obtain to the souls the most abundant mercy of God”.

This impels us to understand that the Rosary prayed with Mary makes the life and image of the Virgin flourish in us.

Fifth promise

“He who trusts in me praying the Rosary will not be oppressed by adversity.”

Satan on the one hand persecutes us and on the other seduces us, always using his most insidious weapon, which is discouragement. Mary comes to our side and assures us that the one who prays the Rosary will always find close to her maternal heart, willing to support us and help us.

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Sixth promise

“Whoever prays the Rosary meditating his mysteries will not be punished by the justice of God: he will become if he is a sinner, he will grow in grace if he is just and will be made worthy of eternal life”.

With these words it is emphasized that the Rosary traces a path of holiness because, prayed with Mary, we are guided by her. The Virgin illuminates the road.

Seventh promise

“The devotees of my Rosary, at the hour of death, will not die without sacraments.”

A page of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori comes to mind, in her work of art ” The glories of Mary “, where it is said that at the moment of death, when the demons join together in the attempt to bring the soul to the Despair, the Virgin must be invoked in prayer.

Eighth promise

“Those who pray my Rosary will find, during their lives and at the hour of death, the light of God and the fullness of their graces, and they will participate in the merits of the blessed in paradise.”

Ninth promise

“Every day I will liberate from purgatory the devout souls of my Rosary”.

For several private revelations, in which the Virgin is presented as Queen of purgatory and Queen of purging souls, we know that the Virgin has obtained special graces from God in this regard.

Tenth promise

“The true children of my Rosary will enjoy great glory in heaven.”

What glory is Maria talking about? Of the glory of which she is dressed herself, making them reflect her own image, her own radiance.

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Eleventh promise

“Everything that is asked through the Rosary will be obtained.”

It is the promise of the fullest intercession, which includes in particular the grace of conversion.

Twelfth promise

“Those who spread my Rosary will be helped by me in each of their needs.”

A reference that could refer, for example, to missionaries who strive in various ways to spread this devotion, creating confraternities, encouraging prayer groups, spreading rosaries.

Thirteenth promise

“I have obtained from my Son that all the devotees of the Rosary have as brothers in life and at the hour of death the saints of heaven.”

Mary, we know, is the Queen of all the saints, and at the moment of death, she herself comes with all the saints to make us sharers in her communion.

Fourteenth promise

“Those who recite my Rosary faithfully will be all my beloved children, brothers and sisters of Jesus.”

Praying the holy Rosary we profess ourselves children of Mary. That is why she will manifest herself to us as Mother and thus we will have a special place in her maternal heart and under her mantle.

Fifteenth promise

“Devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.”

None of us is sure to go to paradise or purgatory, although obviously we all hope not to go to hell.