“To The Most Blessed and Most Divided” or “To The Most Holy and Most Blessed Sacrament?


It is very common to hear the faithful confuse themselves

During Eucharistic adoration,, when you hear ” Thanks and praises be given at all times “, how do you respond?

It is common to hear believers answer ” To the Most Blessed and Dignified Sacrament, ” while others respond ” To the Most Blessed and DIVINISH Sacrament .”

What is the correct form?

The correct form is “Divine.”

The word “worthy” does not imply in itself any heresy. It is only the superlative of ” worthy ” – and God is worthy of all worship; indeed, only He is worthy of worship.

However, the term “worthy” can also be applied to any of us humans, since every human person is endowed with intrinsic dignity – and human dignity is absolute, not relative because it comes from our very nature as intelligent beings endowed with an immortal soul, created and redeemed by God. Yes, that’s right – and it’s not a lack of humility: human dignity is absolute! It does not depend on our behaviour or our merits (and therefore there is no lack of humility in recognizing the intrinsic dignity of every human person; on the contrary, it would be profoundly ungrateful not to recognize this gift of God). But it is crucial to understand the difference between our essence and what we do with our existence: as people, we are all intrinsically worthy by nature; our particular acts, which depend on our will and our free will, these yes can be very unworthy and therefore contrary to our intrinsic dignity of people. In short: we are always absolutely worthy as human persons, and every human person must have his absolute dignity recognized and honoured; but we can act unworthily, thus contradicting our own dignity, and our unworthy acts must be corrected.

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As for Eucharistic adoration , it is a “most worthy” human act of acknowledging God as God . The Church offers us pious and beautiful formulas that help us to penetrate, albeit little by little, into the unfathomable mystery of God. One of these formulas is the well-known ” Thanks and praise be given at all times to the Most Holy and DIVINISH Sacrament “: an explicit declaration of the Holiness and Divinity of God present and alive in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

The Body of Christ , whom we worship, is Holy and Divine: Most Holy and Divine .

And for our part, it is worthy to recognize that the Sacrament of the Eucharist, which is the very presence of Christ in our midst, is most Holy and Divine and deserves at all times to be given thanks and praise!



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