CAUGHT ON CAMERA : Catholic Father Dies Whiles Preaching at Mass; See his Last Words


It is appointed unto man to die but once and after death comes judgement says the Bible. As a Christian and practicing Catholic, my greatest desire will be to die a holy death and in a state of grace. In fact it will be of great joy to my soul to die in the house of God. Do you think about death sometimes?

A video has gone viral that shows a Catholic priest’s last moments. The video is of Father Gaston Hurtubise, and his sermon at the Charismatic Congress in Ottawa on June 26, 1992. Twenty-five years later, his final words are being remembered.

Preaching in French, Fr. Hurtubise was delivering what would be his last sermon. He was recorded live at the Charismatic Congress in Ottawa, Canada, on June 26, 1992.

His last words were,

God is ready to open His Heart to us, to establish us in Him, to eternal bliss. Thank my LORD!

Fr. Hurtubise collapsed as he thanked God.

Within seconds, people were by his side to render aid, but it was to no avail. Despite performing CPR, Fr. Hurtubise was already gone, his soul departed to be with God.

While the passing of a human life is a sad event for those who are left behind, we can think of no better way that to die in the Lord, praising God with our last breath.

May we all have the grace of a good death, and meet God with a thankful prayer on our lips.

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