Being a godmother is …..


The miracle of loving as a child a child that did not come from her womb, but from her heart

To be a godmother is to love unconditionally a being generated within your heart.

It is to receive the trust of a mother to care for her child as if it were her own child.

It is too special to receive this gift and to know how to repay it, for the godchildren grow older, the bridesmaids grow older, but love remains.

Being a godmother is always present.

It is to be a mother before having children.

It’s having someone to take care of.

Being a godmother is being present in my godchild’s life!

It is to make sure that he will later look back and say “my godmother was present at all the important moments of my life”.

You came to brighten up my days, your life gives more meaning to mine.

At his side, I learn the sweetness of being a child again.

Of all the things that have happened to me in my life, nothing has filled me with more pride than being your godmother!



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