If you want a Clear and Peaceful Mind… This Prayer is for you


Who doesn’t want to think more clearly? Some of the things today that cause poor concentration are not enough sleep, lack of exercise and too much time on devices.

Still, sometimes life is just full of responsibility you can’t avoid. In every situation, your intimacy with God makes a difference. When you stop to pray, God helps to organize your thoughts. He even reminds you of things you might have forgotten about. Also, as you pray for upcoming events, the Spirit prepares you to deal with them.

Finally, the closer you are to Jesus, the more confidence you have. In the end, prayer can actually save you time. It enables you to make decisions faster, and it invokes the Spirit to move.

So seek God’s Kingdom. Let the Lord take care of the heavy lifting.

Oh loving Lord,
My mind is tangled up. I can’t focus. I’m confused. I need your help, oh Lord.
Send me your Holy Spirit to establish your order.
May your Kingdom come and your will be done In my heart, mind and life.
Help me to give up control Into your hands, my Lord.
Let me not be afraid, as you cleanse my soul with the blood of the Lamb of God.

Give me meaning and clarity despite this troubled world.
In Jesus I am steady and free, my spirit at home.
May I focus on heaven, as my Savior comes soon.
I pray for this in Jesus name,

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