Great Testimonies About the Presence of Jesus Alive in the Tabernacle


Jesus hidden in the tabernacle has always been my best friend.

As a child, when I lived in the province of Colón, in Panama, I learned to love him and recognize his true presence in the hosts consecrated by a priest.

There was a chapel in front of my house. It was of the Servants of Mary. It was on 9th Street and Roosevelt Avenue. I loved crossing before going to school to say hello to Jesus. I remember it as a cozy place that invited prayer and recollection. I knew that my great friend was there.

Sometimes, from the window of my house I greeted him:

-Eh Jesus, how’s everything going?

His loving presence accompanied me throughout my life. In favourable moments and not so good ones.

He has always been available to all of us.

He never tells me:

-Not now, I’m very busy.

He smiles generously, looks at me compassionately and almost exclaims:

– What a joy to see you Claudio! Come! We have a lot to talk about!

It is always available, waiting.

When I visit him, I usually tell him:

-You are so good Jesus. Thanks for loving us so much.


This year I received many testimonies about the real presence of Jesus in the tabernacles. All beautiful. They expressed great love and gratitude for the favours received.

Two testimonies have moved me a lot.

This sweet grandmother who one day phoned me to tell me how lonely she was. She lived submerged in memories and the sadness of knowing she was little loved. I had the certainty of sending it with the Love of the loves.

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“Go to the chapel of your parish where they have the tabernacle and tell Jesus what is going on. He is going to help her. “

She went to see him.

“They told me that you would help me Jesus,” he said. And what would be five minutes before the tabernacle turned into hours of happiness. Now he lives for Jesus. He loves to go to mass every day and when he finishes he keeps company with Jesus in the tabernacle. Yesterday he telephoned me to tell me about his great adventures. Is awesome. She knows herself loved from an eternity.

“Jesus is very tender,” she told me excitedly.



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” Since I visited, I no longer feel lonely or sad. I have someone who listens to me and gives me unconditionally his love. I spend hours with Him. A time that goes away in seconds and I’m not happy with how happy I am. I never imagined so much happiness. We talk about everything and He always listens to me. “

The second and most impressive testimony was that of this man who the doctors evicted. They gave him a couple of weeks of life, for a terminal cancer that had eaten his body. There was nothing to do but put his things in order, spend time with his family and wait for the end.

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He decided to visit Jesus in the tabernacle: “Grant me the grace to live. And I promise you that the time you give me will be dedicated to you. ” Suddenly, the cancer stopped. The doctors have not been able to understand what happened. This was 5 years ago. He has dedicated this time to serve God by bringing the Good News of the Gospel, sharing his experiences with Jesus in the tabernacle.

I have so many wonderful testimonies. I will share them with you. For now go to the tabernacles near their homes. Do not leave Jesus alone, let him know that we love him. And a favor … When you go tell him:“Claudio sends you greetings”.

God bless you and always keep you in his love.