Your Guardian Angel Is Doing This Everyday In Your Life…. You Would Be Amazed


I am surprised by such goodness of God when he created and thought about the reality of the Angels in our midst
“How can the Guardian Angel be far off, when given to us by God to help us? They do not depart from us, though he who is assailed by temptations think they are far away. “(St. Ambrose)

Learning more about the Angels …

As I have learned in recent times about the angelic reality! I am surprised by such goodness of God when he created and thought of the reality of the Angels in our midst.

There are so many and profound teachings of reality about the Angels that in one article I could not comment on everything, but I believe that in the future other articles will come …

The first reality that I want to awaken to you is: God in His infinite Mercy, and knowing of our constant weakness, He did not want to leave us alone and forsaken, and destined for each of His children when an Angel is born, whom we call Guardian Angel.

This Angel given to us has a mission of paramount importance, which is to take us to Eternity with God. For we know that each of us is born into eternity, but our life and God will say whether it will be an eternity with God, or an eternity without God!

Anyway, besides us is our Guardian, Angel.

We run the risk of always associating the image of our Guardian Angel with those pictures in which we usually see painted “cute” angels, “colourful” and “fragile”. What a tremendous mistake we made when we transferred this image to our personal relationship with him because we somehow believe that our Angel is not so strong and powerful.

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On the contrary, our Angel is a mighty Angel, an Angel experienced in the things of God and the mysteries of God. My Guardian Angel and his Guardian Angel saw Satan being cast out of heaven when he rebelled against God, they were “eyewitness” witnesses!

Our Guardian Angel has seen all these things happen and even passed the test of whether or not to choose God! This is very beautiful to be thought of and thoughtful …

But you may be thinking: But my Guardian Angel was not created when I was born ??

The answer is no! All the Angels that would need by God’s will to be created were already created when God created the Angels. It is as if in a single act God created the thousands of Angels that exist to this day. God did not create later in another time and does not create more Angels nowadays!

All of them were created and all were put to the test! And if you and I have a Guardian Angel, it’s because he passed the test.

Angels are classified into classes and hierarchies, and it is as if there were Angels of a “class” that whenever a child of God is born, these Angels are destined to be a Guardian Angel. So it happened to me and to you!

The Word of God says: “In the resurrection, men will not have wives or wives, but husbands; but they shall be as the angels of God in heaven. ” (Mt 22:30)

And the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Angels tells us that we will not only be like the Angels but will be admitted into an angelic Hierarchy. There will not be a class of souls of humans who now live as angels, no, we will be destined to one of the classes of angelic hierarchies in heaven.

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St. John of the Cross teaches us thus: “The Angels are our shepherds, they not only bring our messages to God but also bring us God’s messages. They feed our souls with soft inspirations and divine communications. God uses them to communicate with us. As good shepherds, they protect us and defend us against the wolves, that is, the demons. ”

Saint Hilary speaks thus: “The Angels help us in our struggle to stand strong against the powers of evil. (…) The pure spirits were sent to the rescue of the human race. Indeed, by our weakness, if the Angels did not come to our rescue, we could not withstand the attacks of the evil spirits. ”

And to conclude, a beautiful phrase that does not want to make us comfortable or inspire us to be lazy, but it can be a way of great help in our spiritual journey, as St. John Vianney teaches us: “If you are unable to pray, lie behind your good Angel and have him pray in his place. ”

I hope that each of us will take up our relationship with our Guardian Angel with determination because we have much to learn from this pastor and faithful friend!



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