Who is My Guardian Angel?


Learn how to make contact with the angel that watches over you

Have you ever wondered, “Who is my guardian angel?” Psalm 91:10-12 speaks of a heavenly spirit assigned by God to watch over us. We all have at least one guardian angel; some may have more than one guardian angel assigned to us in our lifetime. Our guardian angels seek to guide and protect us as we go through our lives.

The concept of guardian angels dates back thousands of years across many faiths. In the Bible we find many stories where angels act as guides or intercessors. Angels are spiritual beings who do not incarnate in human form. They are not deceased relatives but powerful spiritual beings assigned by God to help us along our journey. Thomas Aquinas said, “ On this road man is threatened by many dangers both from within and without, and therefore as guardians are appointed for men who have to pass by an unsafe road, so an angel is assigned to each man as long as he is a wayfarer.”

And yet the question still remains “Who is my guardian angel?” Is it someone I know or have a connection with? Does everyone have one? Does my guardian angel have a name? How do I communicate with my guardian angel? You are on the right track.

Building your connection with your guardian angel can also help you to strengthen your relationship with God. Your guardian angel loves you and is interested helping you to get answers to your questions. Guardian angels love to support you by providing guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Here is how to connect with your guardian angel and answers to some of your important questions.

What does a guardian angel do?

Guardian angels watch over you throughout your lifetime. Guardian angels provide protection, guidance and encouragement. Your guardian angel is praying for you and delivering the answers to your prayers. Your guardian angel also keeps a record of the choices you have made in your lifetime.

Even though your guardian angel may not know the answers to all of your questions or may not be able to provide certain answers at this time so as not to interfere with your spiritual development, your angel is always there and ready to help upon your request. In times of extreme danger your angel may even intercede without you specifically asking to move you to safety.

What is my guardian angel’s name?

Your guardian angel’s name is assigned by God. It is not necessary to know your guardian angel’s name in order to call on them for assistance. If you would like to ask your guardian angel to share their name with you simply take a few minutes to sit quietly in a state of meditation.

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Set your intention to request to know your angel’s name. Quiet your thoughts and be open and receptive. Accept whatever name it is that comes to you. It may come as a thought or feeling or mental image. If at first you do not hear anything mentally ask your guardian angel to speak louder. If the answer does not come in your meditation stay aware. You may see your angel’s name repeated over and over in your environment over the next several days.


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How do I ask my guardian angel a question?

There are several ways to ask a question of your guardian angel. The most obvious is to speak your request out loud. Angels can be everywhere and at the same time are always with you. They will hear you. A second way is to mentally ask for help. Angels hear your thoughts just as they hear your words. Write it. Write your angel a letter or write your question down on a piece of paper for your angels to consider.

Finally, state your request as a positive affirmation thanking your angel for resolving the issue or responding to your inquiry. How you ask is not as important as the fact that you ask. Reach out to your guardian angel for it is by asking that you give them permission to assist you with whatever it is you are struggling with.


How does my guardian angel communicate with me?

Since guardian angels are spiritual beings they do not have physical bodies. While on rare occasion they may take an appearance of a physical form and speak to us, they more often appear as flashes, sparks or orbs of light. Guardian angels can influence the material world and utilize the things in your environment to send messages to you.

For example a book falls open to a page that answers your question or a song comes on the radio with lyrics that are the answer to what you have asked. The most common way that our guardian angels communicate with us is through thoughts, images and feelings. Often we may not be aware that a thought is a communication from our guardian angel, but realize that it is not something that came from our own mind. It is important to pay attention to our surroundings and thoughts so that we can recognize and understand what our guardian angel is trying to communicate to us.

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I asked for help but nothing happens.

Sometimes our requests and prayers appear to go unanswered. Most often this is because the answer has either gone unnoticed or has been ignored. When we are expecting a specific type of response or answer we tend to unintentionally put blinders on and not see the answer when it is presented to us in a different way or the answer is not the one we are looking for. All to often we receive Divine guidance to do or go somewhere but because the guidance does not make sense to us from our level of understanding we dismiss it. Sometimes we recognize the guidance but it is intimidating or requires a major change so we begin to second guess ourselves and do not trust in the guidance we are receiving. Ultimately all things must occur with Divine timing. This means that sometimes answers or changes will manifest instantly while in other cases we must be patient while all the pieces, known and unknown to us, fall into place. Trusting that God and your guardian angels have your best interest at heart is the key. This faith will help you to patiently wait knowing that they are actively at work for your best benefit.



Look out for them.


You now have some tools available to you to assist you in finding out who is your guardian angel and in building a relation with that spiritual being. By building a relationship with your guardian angel you are also growing in your relationship with God. Your guardian angels are with you from conception through to your passing on helping you, guiding you and protecting you every step of the way.

All that is necessary to experience the wealth of love, guidance, wisdom and encouragement they have in store for you is to reach out to them and ask for their help. By asking for their assistance you are giving your guardian angel permission to intervene and assist you along the journey. Stay present and be aware of the messages your guardian angel is sending you.

Following the guidance will bring more peace and joy to your life and make the journey a little bit lighter as you allow your guardian angel to carry some of your load.




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