5 Powerful Prayers to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


3. Prayers to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – 3

Prostrate at thy sacred feet,
O august Queen of Heaven,
I venerate thee with the most profound respect,
and I believe that thou art the daughter of the Eternal Father,
the Mother of His Divine Son,
and the Spouse of the Holy Ghost.

Full of grace and virtues and heavenly gifts,
thou art the purest temple of the most Holy Trinity,
thou art the treasury and dispenser of divine mercy.
Thy Immaculate Heart, full of charity, sweetness and tenderness,
has given thee the name of Mother of Divine Clemency.

Therefore, in my affliction
and agony I present myself with confidence before thee,
our most loving Mother,
and I pray thee to make me experience the love which thou bearest us;

Grant me (specify the favor)
if it be the Will of God and for the good of my soul.


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