Doctor, Atheist, Nobel Prize in Medicine: he Witnessed a Miracle in Lourdes and Converted to Christ!


Alexis Carrel accepted to go to Lourdes thinking to personally verify the falsity of the supposed miracles – but ended up witnessing one of them

Alexis Carrel , Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1912 , came to convert to Catholicism thanks to the miracles he witnessed in the Marian city of Lourdes , France, from 1903, when he was still a young atheist physician .

At the time, a colleague who would accompany a group of pilgrims to Lourdes asked him, by force majeure, to replace him. Carrel accepted that he would personally prove the falsity of the alleged miracles – but it was his duty to attend one of them.

O médico visitou, observou e analisou todos os sintomas de uma mulher tuberculosa em leito de morte. Não havia dúvida alguma de que ela morreria em breve. No entanto, quando aquela mulher, diante dos seus olhos incrédulos, saiu das piscinas de Lourdes, tudo tinha desaparecido. O depoimento de Carrel ao revelar a sua conversão foi recebido com escândalo nos âmbitos naturalistas céticos que dominavam a França.



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By the way, it is recommended that unbelievers, instead of promulgating their own dogmas of “superior intellect” in the face of what they do not understand, seek to know the subject with more scientific rigor and less hasty (and unscientific) conclusions. This is what another Nobel Prize-winning physician proposes: Dr. Luc Montagnier , who, among other relevant contributions to science, became famous for the discovery of the HIV virus . He claims:

“Many scientists make the mistake of rejecting what they do not understand. I do not like that attitude. I often quote the words of astrophysicist Carl Sagan: ‘The absence of proof is not proof of absence’ (…)  As for the miracles of Lourdes that I studied, I believe that it is really something inexplicable … I can not understand these miracles, but I recognize that there are cures that are not foreseen in the current state of science . “

In fact, there are thousands of records of ” unexplained healings ” that take place every year in the Marian shrine of Lourdes, but there are very few healings that are effectively considered miraculous by the Church, which adopts rigorous criteria in its thorough scientific evaluation of each case.

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