Miracles of Healing continue to happen at this Marian Shrine


The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help has been the site of miraculous cures that have astonished pilgrims.

In 1871 a massive fire near Peshtigo, Wisconsin, claimed nearly 2,500 lives and was on its way toward a chapel that was the sight of a Marian apparition. Writer Larry Peterson narrated the story for Aleteia and highlights the first miracle that occurred.

More than one million acres were destroyed in the Peshtigo Firestorm. As far as the eye could see was total devastation. Yet, in the middle of it all, the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Help and the fenced property surrounding it were untouched. The property had been spared and no-one had been hurt, not even the animals. The five acres sat amid the charred landscape like an oasis in the desert. People who came and saw this incredible sight knew it was the Hand of God at work that night. The faithful had no doubt that the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady of Good Help, stood outside the chapel deflecting the raging inferno away from her children inside.

This miracle was only the beginning, and since then, many other people have been touched by the message of Our Lady of Good Help and have experienced both physical and spiritual healing.

For example, last year NBC’s Megyn Kelly interviewed a woman who was miraculously cured of her cancer. The video of her testimony can be found on YouTube and the description summarizes what happens.

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Megyn Kelly speaks with Nancy Foytik, who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. After visiting Wisconsin’s National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, the only place in the U.S. recognized by the Catholic church as a site where the virgin Mary appeared, Nancy’s tumors on her left lung disappeared. “We just knew when I walked out of the chapel that day that I was going to be cured,” she said.

Other miracles that have occurred in the past few years have been posted on the official website for the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help. There you can learn more about the following story.

During a visit to the Champion Shrine in 2013, a family from Kansas City, Mo. becomes worried when their 18-month-old daughter’s feeding tube suddenly slipped out. Later that same day, the emergency room doctors report they are unable to reinsert the tube because the hole had healed.

Similar to Lourdes, France, pilgrims are not “guaranteed” a miracle when visiting the Shrine, but encouraged to pray to God with the most sincere faith possible. As with any miracles, it is the “mustard seed” type of faith that is needed to beg God’s miraculous intervention. Miracles are never something “acquired,” but are pure gifts of God given when they are within his divine plan.

Above all, these miracles remind us that God continues to be at our side and is ready to embrace us with his love, if only we have the faith to receive it.

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