Adopt the “Clean Tip Counsel” of Mother Teresa that will Change Everything Around You


She left the journalists open-mouthed as she responded and challenged one of them.

One of the most celebrated counsels of Mother Teresa of Calcutta is this:

Be just a drop in the middle of the ocean, but a clean drop.

In 1979, returning from Norway after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa of Calcutta passed by the humble home of the Missionaries of Charity in Rome, where a journalist asked her a provocative question :

“Mother, you are seventy years old. When you die, the world will be the same as before. What has changed after so much effort?

Mother Teresa then replied:

“See, I never thought I could change the world. I just tried to be a drop of clean water where God’s love could shine. Do you find it light?

The reporter could not answer. In the silence of listening and emotion that had arisen, Mother Teresa took up the word again and asked the reporter:

“Try to be a clean drop, too, and we’ll be two .” Are you married?

– Yes, Mother.

“Ask your wife, too, and we’ll be three .” Have children?

“Three children, Mother.

“Ask your three children, too, and there will be six of us .”

It is an extremely simple and practical lesson. To make it a reality, the will is enough.


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