VIDEO: Nude Protester Tries to Steal Baby Jesus from the Vatican


A nude protester was arrested by the Vatican Police after attempting to steal the doll of Baby Jesus from Vatican’s Nativity Scene on Christmas day.

The attempted kidnapping of the Baby Jesus doll from the Vatican’s Nativity scene took place in Saint Peter’s Square, as over fifty thousand waited to hear Pope Francis’ Christmas Day address. The protester was clothed in only pants and shoes and tripped while trying to steal the doll from the Nativity Scene before a Vatican gendarme thwarted her attempt.

The woman jumped over guard rails as she rushed onto the scene screaming “God is woman,” with the same slogan painted on her back. The protester was a member of the Ukrainian-French radical feminist activist organization Femen. Femen says the would-be theft was a protest on the “Vatican’s infringement of the rights of women to their own bodies.”

Femen staged a similar protest yesterday on Christmas Eve at the Vatican Nativity Scene with the hashtag #MeToo written on her chest.

In Christmas of 2014, the radical feminist group made their first attempt to steal Baby Jesus from the Nativity Scene, but were stopped by Vatican police before they could.





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