Why Do People Bury St. Joseph Statues In Their Yard?


3. Boom — you get an offer on your house!

After you have closed on the house, you should thank St. Joseph by digging him up and taking him with you to your new home, where he should be put in a “place of honor.”

Obviously, the previous owners of our home didn’t follow all of the steps and left him behind. (I’m sure it’s purely a coincidence that a tree fell on their newly built home shortly after they moved.)

So, what does one do with a previously owned statute of St. Joseph? I put him in a place of honor in my house —my kitchen window! — and he lived there for the sixteen years we owned the house. I intended to replant him in 2016 when we were getting ready to move to a new city, but I never had a chance — we had three offers on the house within 48 hours of it going on the market!

I like to think that St. Joseph was lending us a helping hand from his spot on the windowsill. On moving day, I put him in my purse and brought him to our new home two hours away. He’s back in the kitchen window, watching over my home, a good luck talisman who has earned his place of honor.

Source : simplemost.com


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