Powerful Prayer for Faith in Healing, Deliverance and in Times of Trouble


Heavenly Father, I thank You greatly for Your beloved Son,

Lord Jesus Christ, one clothed in Divine power.He is the great Physician, who walked upon the earth, curing the sick,delivering the many tormented by evil spirits, making the lame walk and the blind to see.What great authority He had over the demons and what great power He had over those who needed His healing!

Healing of bodily diseases

Lord Jesus Christ, You bore our sufferings and carried our sorrows.

To You was revealed the powers of heaven and might. I call upon Your blessed name to come upon with power on my bodily diseases and heal them.

As You made clean the lepers, heal those with diseases that affect the body and make them clean and whole again.

Heal me too from any spiritual leprosy, as I humble myself under Your feet and seek forgiveness for all I have done against the word of the Father and His will.

I pray and believe that no guilt is so great, that which Your precious blood cannot atone.

No corruption so strong, that Your grace cannot subdue. No illness that is incurable in Your blessed name, Lord Jesus.


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