Powerful Prayer to Receive God’s Peace During Periods of Anxiety and Fear


O Lord of my heart, I draw near to you,
For my heart’s become heavy with fear.
I carry it round like a blanket that smothers,
It crushes out life and just weighs me with tears.

O Lord of my heart, I name and give you,
Each fragment of worry I carry, each stone of regret that I hold.
And know as I pass these things into your hands,
They’re finished, their dust, they are small grains of sand.

For Jesus you took every weight, every sin,
Every darkness, and sorrow on you.
Lord, you were crucified for the fall of each man,
Then redeemed and restored you came back to life.

So I draw near to you, let my heart become free,
Light with love flowing into my soul.
For I carry your spirit around within me,
Your hope and your joy, yes you make me whole!

So moment by moment, and hour by hour,
Every day I will travel with you.
For all that my heart needs is your hope and love,
And all that my soul needs is your grace and truth.

You are my heavenly father,
You are my heavenly home,
The light that’s before me, and the life that’s within.
So I trust in you, in you alone. 



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