Use this Powerful Prayer to Unite your Heart with Jesus


“My Jesus! Give me a heart conformable to thy own sacred heart.”

If there is any heart that we should strive to be like, it is Jesus’ heart. Uniting our hearts with the most sacred heart of Jesus should be the goal of every Christian, finding in his heart the key to true Gospel living.

One way to remind us of the various qualities of Jesus’ heart is to pray to Jesus for specific attributes. This will help us overcome particular weaknesses in our own lives and set us on the right path to union with Jesus.

Below is a whole litany of short prayers that can be memorized or written down and prayed throughout the day, especially when we feel deficient and the most unlike Jesus.

My Jesus! Give me a heart conformable to thy own sacred heart.

Give me a humble heart, loving an abject and a hidden life.

Give me a meek heart, ready to bear all in silence—to pardon and forget the greatest injuries.

Give me a patient heart, tranquil in the severest trials.

Give me a heart filled with the love of poverty, and with contempt for all earthly things.

Give me a pure heart, desiring only to please you in my thoughts and deeds.

Give me an obedient heart, having no will but that of God.

Give me a heart delighting in prayer, and making this heavenly exercise its chief occupation.

Give me a heart having no joy but that of seeing God known, loved, served and honored.

Give me a heart having no sadness but that of seeing God offended.

Give me a heart having no aversion but for sin.

Give me a heart having no desire but for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls.


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