Pray this Powerful Prayer for a Family in Crisis.


Does it feel like your home is a war zone? Or maybe there’s a deep silence. Many families around the world face problems that seem impossible to overcome. If there is any place the enemy prefers to attack, it’s the family.

Situations don’t always turn out the way you like. Accept this and seek how you can change to make things better. If you’re full of the Spirit, you’ll transmit the goodness of God to all those around you. Your suffering has a purpose. It may be mysterious and invisible to the world — but when your heart rests firmly in Jesus, he reveals his glory to you.

No matter how dark things seem, try to keep a long term perspective. Don’t predict doom and failure. Instead, lift your eyes up to heaven and regain hope. Believe in the prophecy of Christ resurrected.

Dear loving Lord, I feel like I’m losing hope,

I feel like giving up, My family hurts so bad. Won’t you help us, Oh Lord?

I’m so tired from the fight. How much more can I take? Send us your mercy.

Pour out your Spirit. Show me how to keep going.

Give me a Christ-like heart, That never gives up, Trusting in your eternal love.

Reach out your hand; Free us from the lies and division That seek to destroy us.

Send your mighty Spirit to drive out The enemy far, far away.

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Heal our hurt with your loving grace. I need you so much right now,

Oh Lord, Fill me, lift me up, restore my hope. I know it will take time;

Give me patience. Set my feet firmly along the path To the glory of Christ Jesus.

I will not give in. I will not give up. On my knees I fight for those I love.

May your hand be upon me. In Jesus name, Amen.