Depressed? Pray This Powerful Prayer of St. Ignatius Against the Darkness


My Lord, today all is silent.  You have given Your precious life for the salvation of the world.  You died a horrific death, poured out all Mercy from Your wounded Heart, and now You rest in peace in the tomb as the soldiers keep vigil.

Depression is an extremely hard condition.

The good news is that we are not alone in this battle and in addition to medical care, we have a long list of heavenly friends who can assist us to see the light of Christ.

One such saint who is a strong intercessor and knew depression well was St. Ignatius of Loyola. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “At one time he was violently tempted to end his miseries by suicide, on which he resolved neither to eat nor to drink (unless his life was in danger), until God granted him the peace which he desired, and so he continued until his confessor stopped him at the end of the week.”

Through God’s grace, he was able to climb out of the darkness of despair and become one of the greatest saints of all time.

  • He also left us a powerful “Prayer Against Depression” that can be said frequently, particularly during those dark times in our lives. As always, prayer, matched with proper medical attention, can be a strong help in bringing a person out of the depths of depression into a new life of Christian joy.

O Christ Jesus
When all is darkness
And we feel our weakness and helplessness,
Give us the sense of Your Presence,
Your Love and Your Strength.
Help us to have perfect trust

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In Your protecting love
And strengthening power,
So that nothing may frighten or worry us,
For, living close to You,
We shall see Your Hand,
Your Purpose, Your Will through all things.

Lord, may I also keep vigil with You as You sleep.  I know that this day ends with Your glorious triumph, Your victory over sin and death.  But for now I sit quietly mourning Your death.

Help me, dear Lord, to enter into the sorrow and the silence of this Holy Saturday.  Today no Sacraments are celebrated.  Today the world waits in mourning in anticipation of the glory of new life!

As I keep vigil, awaiting the celebration of Your Resurrection, fill me with hope.  Help me to look forward to the celebration of Your Resurrection, but also to look forward to the hope of my own share in the new life You won for the world.  I entrust my whole being to You, dear Lord, as You lay lifeless and still.  May Your rest transform the brokenness of my own soul, my weaknesses, my sin and my frailty.  You are glorious and You bring the greatest good out of Your apparent defeat.  I trust in Your power to do all things and I entrust my life to You.  Jesus, I trust in You.