Prayer of Gratitude for Life-Changing Friendship


Prayer of Gratitude for Life-Changing Friendship


I am loved by my friends, and I thank You for their devotion that flows through You. Having friendships is a blessing. Being appreciated is a wonder. Being liked for who I am is a joy.


How often do we take the time to acknowledge our beloved friends? Without these amazing people in our life, we’d be lost. Sometimes a healing prayer is an act of remembering what we are blessed with. Do you have a special friendship that is all the difference in your life? Pray for that friend because our love for them often gets lost in translation. Prayer is beautiful because it’s a gift and it doesn’t cost a single thing. Not only are the words genuine and authentic, but they’re intentional. It’s important to recognize the many ways we are blessed with intentional acts – healing prayers is one of those acts.


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