The Powerful Prayer Of Samson


Samson was a Nazarite. He was dedicated to God from birth. As a Nazarite he wasn’t meant to drink alcohol and no razor was meant to touch the hair on his head.

Samson judged Israel for 20 years and he delivered them from the Philistines.

In the cause of judging Israel, Samson made some mistakes, which includes sleeping with a harlot and taking God’s grace upon his life for granted.

This mistake later caught up with him when he told Delilah his secret and he was captured.

At the end of it all Samson died with the Philistines but he killed more enemies while dying than when he was alive.

The reason why Samson was able to kill more enemies while he was dying was because he prayed to God for help.

[h=2]So what prayer did Samson pray?[/h]

Judges 16 [28]

Then Samson prayed to the lord, “Sovereign lord, remember me again. O God, please strengthen me just one more time. With one blow let me pay back the Philistines for the loss of my two eyes.”

[h=2]Remember me again. O God[/h]

Whenever you pray to God to remember you it means you simply want God to have mercy on you. So this is a prayer that you should be praying every day.

The reason why most people are still struggling in life is because they have not been remembered by God. Once God remember you then your struggles begin to end and you’ll begin to enter into the rest of God.

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Examples of people God remembered in the Bible includes…

Mordecai, when he was honored while in exile.

Rachael, when she gave birth to Joseph.

Hannah, when she gave birth to Samuel.

Sarah, when she gave birth to Isaac.

You will see that in the lives of these ones, their shame was changed to glory and their struggle was over.

To be remembered also means to be restored. In the case of Samson, he was in good state but later he fell into a bad state, he fell into the hands of his enemies.

So for him to return to the earlier state where he can function like he’s supposed to, he had to pray to God to remember him.

Sometimes in your life you might notice that you are not where you used to be spiritually, you notice that your spiritual power has reduced then you need to pray to God to remember you so that you can be restored to where you are supposed to be.

This can affect different areas of your life, like your finance, your health, your relationship or your career. If you have been affected in any of these areas then you need to pray to God to remember you so that you can be restored.

[h=2]Strengthen me[/h]

Samson also prayed for strength and he received it. It was when God left Samson he realized that he needed the strength of God to fight.

It was the strength that Samson received that made him able to push down the pillars of the building where he was thereby killing the Philistines.

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It was when God left Samson he realized he couldn’t do it alone. You should also realize that you cannot fulfill your destiny all by yourself but you need the strength of God.

[h=2]Help me fulfill my destiny[/h]

One of the greatest prayers you can pray is that God should help you fulfill your destiny, if he doesn’t help you, who will?

Samson prayed that with one blow, let me payback the Philistines for my eyes they’ve taken. You’ll notice that Samson knew he couldn’t do it all by himself so he called on God to help him.

At the end of the day God helped Samson to defeat the Philistines because he prayed.

If Samson had lose hope in God he would have just be crying over his two eyes that were taken but Samson was encouraged in God, he prayed and he was able to fulfill destiny.

No matter how bad your situation may look Good can turn it around for your good.


So whenever you fall, all you need to do is pray like Samson did and God will come and rescue you.

When you are down, you shouldn’t lose hope. Let the story of Samson inspire you, even though he lost his two eyes, he did not lose hope. He still believed that he could pay back his enemies.