These 5 Prayers will Bring Total Healing and Blessings into Your Life Today



Dear Lord,

Thank you for waking me today. I commit my burdens and the things that weigh heavy on my heart into your hands. Please help me to keep my thoughts on things that are good, pure and uplifting so I may have your peace. I thank you that I can rest in you, knowing you are with me and you are in control. Please lead and guide me in all I say and do this day. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


2. Prayer To Supply All My Needs

As I awaken this morning, may my life be clean, calm and clear as the early morning dew. The finances I need will know my name and address. The right people and the right opportunities present themselves to me today. You are my Source, my power, my healer, my deliverer, the Author and Finisher of my Faith. Though you, my ways are being made Prosperous.



Almighty God. Steer me in the right direction and show me the path I need to take. Have Your angelic hosts encamp around me. Lead the way to success, prosperity and, most importantly, to fulfil the DESTINY You have in store for me



As we travel along our way today, we thank you for your protection and your covering on ourselves and our family members. Let not any of our enemies, thieves, bandits, or evil-doers approach us if they do not intend to bring to us what was intended from your Holy Altar. Turn around their evil intent to glorify your name.

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5. The Total Healing Prayer

The Total Healing Prayer Father God. thank you for your unconditional love, for sending Jesus to save me and to set me free. I surrender myself to your power and grace to sustain and restore me. Loving Father, touch me now with Jesus healing hands as I believe that your will is for me to be well in mind, body and spirit.

Cover me with the most precious blood of Jesus from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Cast out anything that should not be in me. Root out any unhealthy and abnormal cells and multiply the healthy ones. Open any blocked arteries or veins, rebuild and replenish any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection by the power of Jesus precious blood. Let the fire of your healing love pass through my entire body enriching its function.

Touch also my mind and my emotions even the deepest recesses of my heart. Saturate my whole being with your presence, joy and peace and draw me ever closer to you every moment Of my life, confirming that the Holy Spirit dwells in me, telling me what to do.


source: catholicfb