This Is A Powerful Prayer for the Child in the Womb Against Evil. Pray Now!


To be made by Mom

Heavenly Father, I praise and thank You for allowing this life and for forming this child in Your image and likeness. Send forth Your Holy Spirit and light up my womb. Fill it with Your light, power, majesty, and glory, just as you did in the maternal womb of Mary to generate Jesus.

Lord Jesus Christ, come, with Your love and Your infinite mercy, to pour out Your grace on this child.

It removes any negativity that may have been transmitted to it, consciously or unconsciously, as well as any and all rejection. If at any time I thought about aborting, I quit now!

Wash me of every heritage of the curse that came from our ancestors; any genetic disease or even transmitted by infection; any and all deformity; all kinds of addiction that she can inherit from us, her parents.

Wash this child with Your precious Blood and fill it with Your Holy Spirit and Your Truth. From now on, I consecrate it to You, asking you to baptize it in Your Holy Spirit and that your life be fruitful in Your infinite love.

Wash in Your Blood all contamination from occultism, blessings, spiritism, food or consecrated drinks. I know it was Your Holy Spirit who fertilized it in my bosom and I know that He is able to make all things new, so I am begging.

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Mary, mother of Jesus, come and teach me how to care for this child as you took care of Jesus in Your mother’s womb. Send forth, Lord, Your angels, that they may intercede for this little child before the house of the Most Holy Trinity.

Thank you, Father, for this beautiful child.
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for flooding this child of grace.
Thank you, Jesus, for healing this child.
I give to all of you. May she honor and glorify God now and for all eternity. Amen. Hallelujah. Amen.