These Are The 4 Reasons Why The Blessed Mary Wants You To Say The Rosary Everyday


100-year anniversary of the apparitions seems a good time to honor Our Lady’s request

This year is the 100th anniversary of the visions at Fatima. Last week I pointed out that Fatima’s “conversion of sinners” message comes, providentially, a year after the Year of Mercy.

This week, I wanted to point out the vital necessity of the other major message of Fatima: Saying the Rosary daily.

My family has been saying the Rosary daily ever since my daughter, Cecilia, was nine years old. I was the editor of the National Catholic Register when she said, “Dad, in the paper you keep talking about how important it is to pray the Rosary. So why don’t we ever do it?’


We have been praying it ever since, and are so grateful that we have. Here are four reasons you should, too.


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