5 Amazing Ways to Keep Jesus in Your Christmas Celebrations this Year


Christmas is a magical time of year when decorations line the streets, children are suddenly behaving and the Post Office struggles to keep up as thousands of gifts move through the mail – but beneath the shiny, flashing winter festivities, Christ quietly calls out to us – Will you respond?
Christmas is not only a time to celebrate family, love and renewal – it’s also a time to honor Christ’s miraculous birth.

Remember, Jesus’ birth was a gift to all humanity, thus the reason we offer presents to each other during his birthday celebration.
So how can you keep Christ in Christmas this year?
Consider the following suggestions and share them with your friends and family:

Celebrate with Advent Prayers
There are so many reasons to pray each day but pull your family together and share a quick prayer each day as we get closer to Christmas.
Some amazing Advent prayers can be found here.

Attend Mass
It’s hard to find extra time while juggling work, kids, Christmas shopping, meetings and life in general but it’s important to remember to attend Mass.
Too many make excuses to avoid Mass but Christmas, the season dedicated to Christ’s birth, should be celebrated with Christmas services, Midnight Mass and fellowship with other Christians.

Listen to Real Christmas Music
The radio is full of great songs about Jolly Old Saint Nick, flying reindeer, talking snowmen and spreading good cheer.
While there is nothing wrong with these songs, it wouldn’t hurt to bring up Jesus’ birth and some good Christian vibes with “O Magnum Mysterium,” “Salvation is Created” or the new classic “Mary, Did You Know?”

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Say “Merry Christmas”
In an ever-growing secular world, many employees are not allowed to say, “Merry Christmas.”
Take a stand, enjoy your religious freedoms, and wish people a very merry Christmas this year. Not everyone may be allowed to respond in kind but your energetic words can more than makeup for their silent responses.
Don’t be afraid to stand out and wish everyone you interact with this December a merry Christmas.

Display a Nativity Scene
You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a 6-piece blow-up Nativity scene complete with lights and music to display on your lawn.
Simply walk into the nearest store and you are guaranteed to find a miniature Nativity, window decal, toy, display or other ornamentation.
For more family fun, share the story of the Nativity while making one with your kids! Shoebox scenes are classic bonding activities that will not only help your kids remember the story of Christ’s birth, but will serve as a beautiful memory for years to come.


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