These 7 Amazing Things Happen to You When You Pray the Rosary More Often


If you ever find the rosary hard to pray, or hard to commit to regularly, read on to find out our seven most surprising things that happen in your life when you start to pray the rosary more often!

1. You Become Less Selfish

You know how it is when you love someone or something with all your heart, and you feel so passionate about it or them, but it is sometimes just so hard to act on that love? That is how I feel about the rosary. I love it and I love that we were given it as a gift. I truly believe in its power.

But laying time aside to pray it? That requires me to sacrifice and give up some time and energy for myself, and ponder on the Mysteries instead.

Praying the rosary helps re-orientate ourselves to Christ, who can lift us out of ourselves and our sin, and teaches us, again and again, the discipline of refraining from indulging our selfishness.


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