9 Amazing Miracles Involving The Scapular Of Our Lady


2 – The scapulars that resisted the grave

Just twenty-five years after the vision in which Our Lady of Carmel delivered the scapular to St. Simon, Pope St. Gregory X died and was buried with his scapular. When his grave was opened 600 years later, the scapular was still intact.

Two great founders of religious orders ( St. Alphonsus , of the Redemptorists, and St. John Bosco of the Salesians) had a special devotion to Our Lady of Carmel and wore the brown scapular. When they died, they were both buried with their priestly robes and scapulars.

Many years later, when the graves were opened, their bodies and the sacred robes with which they were buried had already been consumed – but the brown scapular that each used was preserved perfectly intact. The one of Saint Alphonsus Maria is exposed in Rome in the monastery he founded.


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