9 Amazing Miracles Involving The Scapular Of Our Lady


8 – The scapular that saved the life of a priest

A French priest had gone on a pilgrimage when he remembered that he had not brought his scapular. Even though he knew that he would be late to celebrate Mass, he returned to pick him up, for he could not even imagine himself on the altar of Our Lady without wearing his scapular. Later, while celebrating the Holy Sacrifice, a young man approached the altar, pulling a weapon and struck the priest from behind.

To his astonishment, the priest continued to celebrate Mass as if nothing had happened. The believers thought at first that the bullet had miraculously wronged the target, but then it turned out that it had gotten stuck in the small brown scapular that the priest had refused to leave behind.

9 – The scapular that saved a young woman in the fall of an airplane

In November 1955, in Guatemala, an airplane with 27 passengers died, all but one young woman, who noticed that the plane was hurrying, grabbed her scapular and asked the Blessed Virgin of Carmo for help. She suffered serious burns and her clothing was completely burned, but the scapular was not even touched by the flames.


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