Are You in Fear of Death? Then Pray this Prayer Now


5 Prayers to pray when you’re in fear of death

Powerful words to keep at hand “now and in the hour of our death”

Death. The darkening days of winter bring to mind the end of life, even as we prepare to celebrate the Birth of the One who brings an end to death.

Even for Catholics, death can be a fearful thing, because we are human. We know about loss and grief, we understand pain and suffering. Our society does not support the contemplation of our own death – whether as a future abstraction or, depending on the state of our age and health, a more-or-less imminent prospect. Yet we also recognize that we live in a world where, as Jesus reminds us in the Advent Gospels, our own ending will most likely come as a thief in the night.

It’s a blessing, then, that the Church’s treasury of prayer offers us words of comfort and preparation for those times when we run up against the fearfulness of death. Here are five such prayers, and a few additional suggestions from familiar prayer and Scripture.


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  1. Hi I just want you pray for me I have been in long pain in my head and all over my body but I don’t anderstand it but I am pretty sure that God knows about it amen.

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