This Bible Verse Will Protect You From Thieves, Murderers, And All Oppression


Pray with the power of a biblical prayer.

Psalm 59

1. From the choirmaster. “Do not destroy”. From David. To half voice. When Saul sent to watch his house in order to kill him.

2. Deliver me from my enemies, oh my God, from my aggressors protect me,

3. Deliver me from the agents of evil, from the bloodthirsty men save me!

4. See that they lurk to my soul, powerful are conjured against me; without rebellion or sin in me, Yahweh,

5. without any guilt, they run and get ready. Wake up, come meet me and look,

6. you, Yahweh, God Sabaoth, God of Israel, rise up to visit all the Gentiles, do not pity any of those treacherous traitors.

7. They return in the afternoon, they howl like dogs, they roam around the city.

8. Look at them with a full mouth, swords on their lips: “Is there anyone who hears?”

9. But you, Yahweh, laugh at them, you scoff at all the Gentiles.

10. Oh my strength, towards you I look. Well, God is my citadel,

11. The God of my love comes to meet me. God will challenge those who lie in wait for me.

12. Oh, do not kill them, do not forget my people, discard them with your power, humble them, O Lord, our shield!

13. Sin is the word of his lips in his mouth; Therefore, be imprisoned in your pride, for blasphemy, for the lie that you shout!

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14. Suppress with fury, suppress them, no more exist! And let it be known that God rules over Jacob, to the ends of the earth.

15. They return in the afternoon, they howl like dogs, they roam around the city;

16. See them looking for what to eat, until they are fed up they go growling.

17. I, on the other hand, will sing your strength, I will acclaim your love to the morning; for you have been for me a citadel, a refuge in the day of my anguish.

18. Oh my strength, for you I will chant, for it is God my citadel, the God of my love.

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