Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween?


Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween?

“Celebrate Halloween is like celebrate the devil” – Fr. Amorth.

Father Gabriele Amorth, who has died aged 91, was probably the most well-known exorcist in the world.

He had condemned the celebration of Halloween and warned of a danger to young people, because of the increase in occult activity, which fuels insomnia, mental illness; depression and suicidal thoughts in children. “Psychiatrical and psychological studies show that children can’t sleep, are agitated, depressed, obsessed, suicidal”.

He said “Halloween is really a spiritual gathering presented as a form of game, and that is the equivalent of singing hosannas to the devil”

We should understand that a Pope, 843 years after Christ, Gregory IV, moved the feast of All Saints, which at that time was on May 13, to November 1, in order to stop this evil tradition which had arrived from Ireland of adoring the world of the dead.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth, performed an estimated 70,000 exorcisms, often repeating the rite on the same persons.

He counseled that the battle against evil begins in the family. The reason why many individuals become evil is often because so many young people “live without knowing the sacredness of being children” and therefore do not know what it means to be a good father or mother, he said.

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