Here are 5 Things That Might be Preventing Jesus and Mother Mary from Blessing You


Blessing Blocker 5: Being Stingy

I covered this one in depth in a previous post, “Is being frugal actually keeping you broke?”(Check it later)

But I just think God’s financial wisdom is fascinating. It’s literally the exact opposite of what the world teaches.

Proverbs 11:24-25 shows us the key to becoming wealthy:

“Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything.
The generous will prosper…”

Another translation puts it this way:

“Some give freely and still get richer, while others are stingy but grow still poorer.
The person who blesses others will prosper…”

He literally tells us the decision making process that will make you wealthy and prosperous: Give freely and be generous.

Giving freely and generously = Blessings unlocked.

So how do we lose everything and grow poor?

Be stingy.

But stingy doesn’t mean what you think it means. Most of us would say that we’re not stingy. We often think stingy people are greedy people rubbing their hands together with an evil, money hoarding plot…

But then I looked up the definition,

The definition of stingy is “unwilling to give, unwilling to spend, ungenerous.”

Can you see that?

If you are unwilling to give, unwilling to spend, or if you’re ungenerous = #blessingsblocked!

How To Unlock Your Blessing


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