[Caught On Camera] Angel Appears Live On TV


Reporting live in the grasslands of Russia a news lady ends up catching a glimpse of what’s possibly the holiest thing she’s ever seen, an Angel.

But when she started out the door to work that morning she wasn’t prepared to witness such a spectacular scene. As you’ll see them when the camera starts rolling she begins to give her report and all of the sudden the camera-guy notices a brightly lit being moving into view and frantically he tells her to turn around.

Stunned at what was shining bright right before her very eyes she takes a spin and all she could do is freeze up and say “WOW!”

Seconds later the angel floats up towards heaven and then they stop the film. Reminds me of this beautiful bible verse that says “I will display wonders in the sky and on earth” (Joel 2:30).

This video is a perfect reflection of what that bible quotes all about. The footage is absolutely STUNNING. Take a look for yourself and share with us what you think!


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