If You Receive Communion in the Hand, the Devil Has this Message for You


This is what the Devil Says About Those Who Receive Communion in the Hand

Father Gabriele Amorth was the official exorcist of the Holy See for decades, until his death in September of this year. Fr. Amorth said in the year 2013 that he would have held some 160,000 exorcisms.

And some of his exorcisms became known through the book “Confessions of Hell to the exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth”.

And we want to share a conversation during an exorcism in 1975 that talks about communion in the hand.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth – Tell only the truth in the Name of the Precious Blood, of the Holy Cross, of the Immaculate Conception …

Demon (A) – We worked for a long time, down there (points down) until we got Communion in hand to be put into practice. Communion in the hand is very good for us in hell; Believe!

Fr. GA – We command you in Name (…) to say only what Heaven commands you! It says only the truth, the whole truth. You have no right to lie. Get out of this body! Go!

Demon – ELA (Virgin Mary) (points up) wants me to say …

Fr. GA – Tell the truth, in Name (…).

Demon – SHE wants me to say … that if SHE, the great LADY, still lived, would receive Communion in her mouth, and on her knees, and would bow down deeply (show how the Blessed Virgin would proceed).

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Fr. GA – In the Name of the Blessed Virgin … tell the truth!

Demon – I have to say that you should not receive Communion in your hand. The Pope himself gives Communion in the mouth. It is not his will to give Communion in his hand. This comes from your Cardinals.

Fr. GA- In Name (…) tell the truth!

Demon – From them passed to the Bishops, and then the Bishops thought that it was a matter of obedience, that they had to obey the Cardinals. Hence, the idea passed to the Priests and also they thought that they had to submit because the obedience is written in capital letters.

Fr. GA – Tell the truth. You do not have the right to lie in Name (…).

Demon – One is not obliged to obey the bad ones. It is to the Pope, to JESUS CHRIST, and to the Blessed Virgin that we must obey. Communion in the hand is by no means dear to God.

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  1. The faithful recitation, vocal/mental,of the Holy Rosary of our Lady enabled us to be back to tradition.
    I used to cry in church seeing people line up for communion…sacrilege all over!
    Mother Mary “messaged” for me to talk to the parish priest for a possible acceptance of the Two Hearts.
    There, The priest allowed our group to receive Jesus on our knees! Then, I found Tradition!!!

  2. It does not matter where you receive it as long as you live your life the way Jesus wanted you to. That is, helping those less fortunate than us, loving thy neighbors, and generally being a good person.
    I rather be friends with atheist who are kind that Catholics who are judgemental.

    • It is not being judgemental. Our hands are not consecrated, therefore we do not have the right to touch the body of our Lord. And yes, it does matter to the Blessed Trinity.

  3. Please help me understand this.When wine and communion is turned into the Body and Blood of Jesus,we as catholic believe that we receive “Body and Blood”.
    Now ,one of the reasons why we do not get to drink from the Chalice cup is because it would be gross unhygienic to have 200people drink from the same cup.
    Now the reason we receive communion i the hands is also because of hygiene reasons that if not observed will cause catastrophic consequences.
    Please lets try n remember that its our belief in what we receive that matters rather than how we receive it.

  4. It seems from what people are commenting here that not everybody is understanding the point of the message. He is pointing out that each tiny particle of the consecrated host is, in fact, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. When people receive in the hand, there is a good possibility that a tiny particle of the host can remain in the palm of the hand. At some point, that would fall to the floor. It doesn’t matter that this happens unknowingly. What matters is that Jesus gets trampled underfoot. We must avoid that in any way we can. By receiving on the tongue, there are no particles in our hands that can possibly fall. Understand?

  5. Ì confess to ALMIGHTY God that I have gravely sinned by a sacrilegious act of receiving His most sacred & precious crucified Body in my hand. Since confessing my sacrilegious act, I have been prompted the way to receive: first genuflectimg or deeply bowing, kneeling in humility before Almighty God & receiving on the tongue. This has drawn me into a deep mystical relationship & realisation of What & Who I am receiving. Pax et Bonum

  6. Seriously why would the devil be looking out for the us warning us ? The devil is the trickster remember. I don’t trust the devil .

  7. Thank you maam Danilyn for your brief and concise answer on why we should and MUST receive the Host in tongue. Remember Jesus was touched by an impured woman. He asked who touched me? Asked why the Blessed Virgin Mary cried almost a day in Sallette at the top of a remote mountain in France before Vatican II. It is then communion in hands practiced until today. In short, our Church was deceived by satan to recieved JESUS sacrilegiously. Remember satan proudly challenged JESUS to destroy the Church of God, that man on rebellion with God, that man will dishonored God. It happened during the conversation of JESUS and satan in the presence of Pope Leo XIII. By the inspiration of God he wrote rhe prayer of exorcism which is the ST. MICHAEL the Archangel prayer to proctect the CHURCH from the snares and the malice of the devil. May the HOLY SPIRIT through the intercession of MARY, the Holy Mother of the CHURCH enlightened the CHURCH. To renew the CHURCH without wrinkle, to prepare the HEARTS of the CHURCH PURE to receive JESUS in the form of the EUCHARIST snd to HIS GLORIOUS SECOND COMING in the form of CENACLE together with MARY, Most Holy so too, we the CHURCH of GOD become HOLY. JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH, I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOUL. Amen.

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