Do Have A Special Request For Our Mother Mary? Use This Powerful Prayer for Quick Results


O most Holy Mary, virgin mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, queen of the universe, refuge of sinners, I greet you. Mine is the greeting of a servant who venerates you; it is even more; it is the greeting of your son/daughter who has learned to love you.

I thank you for all those, my parents and others, who told me about you and taught me to venerate you and to love you. Bless them for what they have done for me by giving you as my mother and my dearest friend.

With the confidence in you, which they have implanted in me by their example, I come to ask many blessings both for myself and for others. I ask…….. (Make your petitions hear. Take time over them. Do not be in a hurry. Avoid instant petitions. Speak to Mother Mary humbly as to your Heavenly Mother.)

Heavenly Mother, I know you will commend all my petitions to Jesus as you did at Cana. I am assured that Jesus at your request will do the best for me. He will even at your request go beyond my petition. But one more blessing I ask to give me is a heart like yours:

O most pure heart of Mary, full of goodness, show your love towards us. Let the flame of your heart, O Mary, descend on all people. We love you immensely.

Impress on our hearts true love so that we may long for you. O Mary, gentle and humble of heart, remember us when we sin. You know that all people sin.

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Grant that through your most pure and motherly heart, we may be healed from every spiritual sickness. Grant that we may always experience the goodness of your motherly heart, and that through the flame of your heart we may be converted.

A heart full of love,
A heart that radiates goodwill,
A heart that is not hardened or embittered,
A heart that while living in the flesh is not ruled by the flesh,
A heart that forgets its wounds and reaches out in pardon,
A heart that has compassion and that never condemns,
A heart that is meek and humble like the heart of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.



  1. I pray for your help to get my life on the path you had chosen for me where I can bring glory unto you. And the money to pay my debts, bills and money’s owed to others. Amen

  2. Mother Mary so many ate thanking your for all blessings received please help me Mother Msry to get over my drastic sickness n all devilsh thought that come to me..Mary help of Christians please include me in your petition to your son

  3. Mamma bless me and my family, bring my broyhers and sisters back to your feet, give them the Grace they need. Thank You Ma, love You.

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