Eucharist Miracle – A Man With Cancer Healed By The Eucharist Shares Testimony


A strong testimony about the power of the Eucharist.

I met a tireless Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. At the weekend, I went to help in a temple outside the city, because the priest there got sick. I started early with the six o’clock Mass. Mr. Lalo soon came and introduced himself to me:

– Father, I am minister of the Eucharist and I will visit 16 sick people. Could you give me the wafers?

– With pleasure! I’ll just consecrate them and I’ll give it to you.

At the end of Mass, I handed him the wafers and he quickly left to take them to the sick. I was surprised by Mr. Lalo’s enthusiasm. It seemed that his feet were flying to bring Christ to those who could not go to the temple.

I continued with the morning ceremonies. Before the end of the noon mass, I saw Mr. Lalo again. He was entering the chapel and, at the time of communion, he asked me: “Father, there are 11 sick people missing. Could you give me more wafers? “I handed it over and he left to finish the visitation.

At the last Mass, he appeared again. Now with his wife, children and grandchildren. At the end of the celebration, I did not resist and called him. I thanked them for visiting so many sick people and expressed that I was surprised by their enthusiasm and kindness for having donated all their Sunday to Our Lord and to all who needed it. What I heard from Mr. Lalo was such a powerful testimony that I want to reproduce it completely.

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“Father, there is nothing to be thankful for. I’m simply doing something to who gave me back my life and gave me health. Three years ago, I felt that the world was falling on me, it had terrible pains all over my body. At first, they did not know what I had. Until I was told that it was cancer of the spine.

My life came down. I fell into a deep depression, gave up my work and did not want anyone to visit me . But the minister Rosita insisted so much that I ended up receiving her. After that, I began to receive Holy Communion every week.

From there everything changed: every Sunday, I kept waiting to receive the body of Christ. With the days, I began to notice that, when I communed, I began to change from the inside out . I was filled with joy and strength, I felt more loved and accompanied by God himself. It seemed that my cancer was no longer so terrible.

I remember very well the day when, in prayer, I said to God: ‘So much time of life and only now, in the midst of an illness, I can feel you by my side. I would love to be healthy to take you wherever they are waiting for you. I am sure that you will change their lives, as has changed mine. ‘ And Our Lord took my desires seriously.



  1. I enjoyed reading this but I wish and truly wish they never called it a Wafer – It is a Eucharist containing the Body and Blood of Christ – I understand it if it wasn’t already blessed but it was, so please remember it is a Eucharist not a wafer you are consuming.

    • I absolutely agree. There are also some other glaring errors in the article. The priest would not consecrate hosts outside the Mass under usual circumstances. This must have been written by someone who is not Roman Catholic. This gentleman did not appear to be a designated Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Where is he finding all of these sick people to receive? Is he sure they are Roman Catholic. The whole thing sounds a bit hokey to me. And this is the Body of Christ we are talking about, not a cookie!

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