20 Important Things to remember at Your Next Mass


16. Bow before receiving Holy Communion, you are before God.

17. Say Amen and bow before receiving Communion. Do not drop the host, or play with it with your tongue or bite it.

18. Do not leave early. We should stay to the end of the final blessing and the recessional hymn that accompanies it, if there is one. Remember who left the Last Supper early (Judas).

19. Pray after Mass, thanking God for His abundant blessings.

20. Leave quietly. We encourage you to visit others especially your pastors as a part of Christian fellowship, but once you are outside of the main sanctuary of the church so you won’t disturb others who want to stay and pray.

Don’t say’ Thank God mass is over,’ when you come out. You will sound as if you were forced to attend or as if it is a weekly punishment.

We may have not always behaved well during mass, but it’s never too late to learn.

Let’s share this with all, to know how important it is to behave well in Church


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