Every Catholic Should Pray These Prayers for a Bright Future


Prayers for a Bright Future

You never know what the future holds in store, and that can be scary. Trust that God has great things planned for you. These prayers will help you face tomorrow with strength and courage.

Be Optimistic

Dear God,I have great anticipation, I have great excitement about my future potential. My mind is strong, I always looks optimistically at the future, and always have cause to hope.Amen

A Better You

Dear God,I pray that I can be stronger, wiser, and more understanding of what it is You want me to do. I raise up hope. I raise up trust. I believe that my purpose will soon be revealed and I will fulfill my promise.Amen

Banish Hopelessness

Dear God,My belief is strong and nothing is impossible. I can get through today, though my energy is faltering. I will solve that difficult problem and find the answer I’ve been looking for. Hopeless is a word I banish from my vocabulary. Everything is possible.Amen

God’s Divine Plan

Dear God,
Thinking of Your goodness blows my mind and sets it to wonder! I am held tight by Your love. I find peace in Your peace. I am hopeful simply knowing that You have a Divine plan for me, and all is good. Praise to You Holy wonder.

Dream Big

Dear God,Nothing is impossible with You by my side. I dare to dream big, set high goals, and have lofty ambitions. Give me the will to reach my aspirations. Share Your strength. Let determination rule me and success will surely come.Amen

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Never Fear

Lord,I look to the darkness for ideas that will bring light. May my dreams be big ones, filled with hope that shines bright. Never will I fear, with God standing near.Amen

Trust God

Dear God,I don’t know what the future holds, but I know only You hold the future. Bring me to a better tomorrow. Make the days of my life and the life in my days overflow with love, kindness, gratitude, and appreciation.Amen