Here are 5 Powerful Ways to Ask and Receive a Miracle from God Instantly


2. Pray positively

Place your faith in God and trust that God will answer your prayers. Remain positive throughout your prayer. Avoid negative phrases including “I know this is a long shot…” and negative thoughts. When you don’t trust in God’s capabilities, you are praying with a doubtful heart.

Confess your fears and doubts to God. Allow your passionate faith and blind trust in God remove the burden of doubt from your heart. Remain focused on what God is capable of accomplishing. Be comforted by the knowledge that God is a loving, all-powerful being.

When a doubt or fear arises, don’t wallow in it. Let it go! Do not allow yourself to worry over whether or not your desire will come true. Simply trust that you’ve done everything you can to make it happen. Turn to God in prayer and ask that God alleviate you from the doubt or fear.


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  1. Father God pls heal my wounded heart, let your love, compassion , grace and mercy fill my heart and my mind. Pla remove the
    Anger and hatred inside me and only love will prevail . Amen!

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