These Are the Last 7 Most Powerful Words Of Jesus Christ


5. A Word of Passion

‘I Thirst’ John 19:28

Here At the cross hanging on the brink of death, we hear the source of “Living Water” cry “I thirst.” Having experienced an intense level of pain prior to His crucifixion, the Man of Sorrows must now endure a greater agony on the Tree of Death. It was a physical pain so notorious that the word “excruciating” is derived from the Latin word “crucis,” meaning “cross” or “crosslike.”

Yet the briefest of the seven Cross statements, uttered in these two words, “I thirst,” was the only statement where Jesus refers to His discomfort. This most fascinating little statement summarizes much of what’s commonly referred to as the “Passion of the Christ.” Give thanks to Jesus today for the ‘thirst’ He experienced so that we could be satisfied & never thirst again!


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