Padre Pio’s Powerful Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary


Deliver me from all temptations or obtain the strength to overcome them until death”

Most holy Virgin Immaculate and my Mother Mary, to you who are the Mother of my Lord, the Queen of the world, the Lawyer, the Hope, the Refuge of sinners, I appeal today, I who am the most miserable of all, I venerate you, Oh great Queen and I thank you for all the graces you have given me so far, especially to have freed me from hell, so many times deserved by me.

I love you, Most Gracious Lady, and for the love I have for you, I promise to always serve you and do everything I can so that you will be loved more by others.

I place in you, after Jesus, all my hopes, all my health, accept me as your servant, and welcome me under your mantle, you, Mother of Mercy.

And since you are so powerful before God, save me from all temptations or obtain the strength to overcome them until death.

I ask you for true love for Jesus Christ, for you I hope to make a good death, my Mother, for the love you have for God, I pray you always help me, but more at the last moment of my life. Do not abandon me until I see myself saved in heaven, blessing you and chanting your mercies for all eternity.


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