Please Pray this Special Christmas Prayer for Our Police, and our Men and Women in Uniform


PLEASE PRAY this special CHRISTMAS PRAYER for our police, fire fighters, and our men and women in uniform who cannot be with us this holiday season

Get your tissues ready. We apologize in advance. But we MUST pray for those who serve us this Christmas season, away from their loved ones. Their sacrifice keeps us safe. Let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

We pray this Christmas season to ask your protection upon those who labor during this special time.

We pray you send comfort and warmth to our law enforcement officers, our first responders, and our men and women in uniform, who cannot be with their families tonight.
May they have peace, may they encounter kindly faces, may they keep warm and comfortable. We pray they are able to reflect on this season, its true meaning, and may they feel welcomed to the table you prepare for us in the sight of those who would do us harm.

We pray they know our gratitude, that we sleep knowing they stand watch and guard over our homes, our workplaces, and our places of worship.

We pray for their safe return to their homes, their loved ones, and their church communities.

Oh Lord, we ask your blessing, and we beseech you to be with them in their moment of peril, may your hand protect them, may your justice prevail and thy will be done.

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God, please bless our officers, our firefighters and first responders. Bless our sailors and troops, and all those who wear the uniform to defend freedom and justice.

We ask this and thank you, in Jesus’ name.



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