This Pope was About to do Something Controversial Then the Virgin Mary Sends a Message…


Pope Venerable Pius XII saw the Miracle of the Sun in 1950, which he took as confirmation of an important declaration.

Pope Venerable Pius XII saw the Miracle of the Sun in 1950. At that time, he faced a decision. He wanted to make clear to all Catholics that the Virgin Mary was assumed into heaven.

The understanding of this was already widespread and it had been a traditional belief of Catholics since ancient times. However, it had recently become a topic of discussion and it required affirmation.

To accomplish this, Pope Pius XII chose to declare it an official dogma of the Church and to stamp his declaration ex-cathedra which means “from the chair” of the pope. This is a case of the Pope using his authority to teach infallibly on a very specific dogma.

But was it the right thing to do?

At the same time, Pope Pius XII was making his decision to affirm the dogma, he experienced the Miracle of the Sun.

The Miracle of the Sun is associated with Marian apparitions and most famously occurred in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal. On October 13 of that year, tens of thousands of people gathered in Fatima to witness a promised miracle. Our Lady did not disappoint.

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Thousands of people watched in awe as the sun danced, changed color, and performed spectacular movements across the sky for about ten minutes.

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On October 30, and again on the next two days, and finally on November 8, the Pope saw the miracle himself. Each time, he described the Sun as dimming so it did not hurt his eyes, and as having a halo. It then danced around the sky for short periods of time.

Pope Pius XII saw this as an affirmation that his teaching on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was the right thing to do.



  1. Pope Pios XII was duped. The sun did not dance around. It’s called illuaion. If the sun moved a foot, we would have been fried. People can’t fathom the size of our aun. There’s no way that the sun shrunk and fit to size to be flying over people only a thousand feet up in the air.
    People do your research. The nespapers admitted yellow journalsim. Thousands didn’t see shit. There were people who received burn marks. Car roofs flew open and caught on fire. Their clothes dried because they were radiated like a microwave which heats up moisture first. There was fourth wirness, another young girl. There was a seance down and an autonomic writer wrote in reverse that the angel of light would be coming- that’s Satan people.
    Souch that this article doesn’t cover.
    This entity never gives it’s identity.
    It never says the name Jesus.
    It never says it comes to do the will of the almighty.
    It never comes as a messenger and servant of God.
    It never reprimands people who bow down and/or pray to it or worship it.
    It takes the sole saving authority and power away from Jesus.
    It distracts people from focusing on God and His laws but seeks prayer to itself.
    Jesus said he is the only mediator!
    People who don’t know the word of God, don’t test the spirit. They never rebuke it in the name of Jesus.
    The entity changes her appearance and clothing depending on the culture of the people.

    I could go on and on but you people won’t do your research. It’s easier to sit on the sofa eating bon bons and believe this garbage!!

  2. Sharon, how sad you are. All things are possible with God. So, if God can make the sun dance, he can prevent it from hurting people.
    Open your eyes, Dont insult our lady. Our lady comes in different forms to better suit our limited understanding . What if its real what will you do when faced with her, having insulted God mother in life

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