Powerful Prayer for People with Cancer


A simple and powerful prayer of intercession

Lord Jesus, stretch out your hand and touch, lay your hand and heal. Lord Jesus, have mercy on people sick with cancer, bless them and sanctify them. Lord Jesus, bless and sanctify the treatment for cancer.

Lord Jesus, help people who are not getting the treatment to fight cancer. Lord Jesus, it helps the people who were doing the cancer treatment and for some reason the treatment was stopped. Lord Jesus, bless and sanctify the medicines that these patients are using or need to use.

Lord Jesus, bless and sanctify the chemotherapies patients have to undergo. Lord Jesus, bless and sanctify the radiotherapies patients have to undergo. Lord Jesus, bless and sanctify surgeries.

Lord Jesus, pour your precious blood on the cancers, the tumors, the metastases and destroy them never to return. Beloved Jesus, pour out Divine Justice with all rigor on all people who are in some way hindering the treatment of cancer patients.

Lord Jesus, bless and sanctify the doctors. Lord Jesus, bless and sanctify equipment and equipment to treat people with cancer. Lord Jesus, grant healing and liberation, inner healing for those people who inherited the cancer genetically.

Lord Jesus, heal, liberate and heal inwardly those family trees that have several confirmed cases of cancer. Lord, break and destroy that evil hereditary yoke. Lord Jesus, pour out your most precious blood on the body, on the mind, on the soul, on the spirit and on the heredity of all the people who have cancer.

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Lord Jesus, break up and destroy this damn cancer, which has already destroyed several families. Lord Jesus, exorcise the sick with cancer, grant them the health and freedom of children of God.

O glorious Holy Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on the sick with cancer, intercede for them thy Son Jesus, alleviate the terrible pains caused by this damnable cancer and give them patience until the complete healing and liberation of the body , mind and spirit, through the intercession of all holy and blessed souls and all the angels and saints of heaven.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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