Powerful Prayer to Our Lady of Banishment for an Impossible Cause


Mary knows your needs, sorrows, sorrows, miseries and hopes: trust her

“Mary knows all our needs, sorrows, sorrows, miseries and hopes. He is interested in each of his children, he prays for each one with as much ardor as if he had no other. ” (Servant of God Mother María José de Jesús)

Our Lady of Exile, Mother of God and ours, who suffered the anguish and uncertainties of flight and exile in distant and unknown Egypt, carrying with you your Son threatened with death by Herod, listen to our plea.

Here we are, trusting in your love of a kind and understanding Mother. To you, who are already in the definitive Homeland, we pray for protection for us, pilgrims of this world, who walk to the encounter of the Father, in the celestial Kingdom.

We ask for your intercession for all the families that look for the welcome of a home, the security of a job, the bread of every day. Bless this place and this people who trust in you.

Intercede for those who suffer, give health to the sick, revive the discouraged, restore hope to the destitute of this land.

Accompany the migrants, the refugees and all those who are far from their homeland and their family.

It empowers children, gives strength to youth, blesses families, encourages the elderly.

Give us strength to build a living and holy Church and to work for a just and fraternal world. And after our walk through the world, show us Jesus, blessed fruit of your womb. O merciful, oh pious, oh always sweet Virgin, Mary!

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Our Lady, pray for us.



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