Powerful Prayer To Our Lady Of Health For The Cure Of Diseases And Good Health


Intercede, dear Mother, that your Son may cure our infirmities.

O Mother of mercy,
Mistress of health,
who, serving your cousin Elizabeth
in her needs
and remaining steadfast at the foot of the cross
of thy dying Son,

manifested at the wedding of Cana
your great sensitivity
towards us,

hear the voice and the cry
of all your sick children
who come to you
with the certainty of finding
a Mother who welcomes them
and watches them with tenderness.

Intercede, dear Mother,
that your Son may
cure our infirmities,

transform our tears
in prayer
and our sufferings
in times of growth,
convert our solitude
into contemplation
and our hope in hope,

strengthen us in the hour of agony
and turn our death
into resurrection.

Our Father;
Holy Mary;

Health of the sick, pray for us!



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  1. Dear father
    Pray for us to heal us please.
    My niece has epilepsy for 10 yrs till now
    My nephew has diabetes at the age of 33 yrs .
    I worried so much Bec I lost my parents.
    I did not get promotion from 2011 till now . I retired from my services for two yrs.
    I am born deaf. Please heal me to hear well to talk well to see well and normal .
    Pl pray for us and pl heal us ..
    Praise o Lord

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