This Powerful Prayer Proves the Real Value and Power of the Sign of the Cross


If you knew the importance of this prayer, I guarantee that you would put it into practice!

 * (†) Deliver us from God our Lord, *
* (†) from our enemies! *
* (†) In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!*

When you wake up, do you do the “sign of the Cross”? And before meals? And when are you going to sleep? At least once a day? No?! If you knew the importance of this prayer, I guarantee that you would put it into practice!

Many people, not understanding the importance of this prayer, do so in a careless way, remaining only in the gesture, without the effective invocation of the Holy Trinity.

* The “sign of the Cross” is not a ritualistic gesture, but a true and powerful prayer! It is the sign of the Christians! Through him many saints invoked the protection of the Most High, and through him we ask God, through the merits of the Holy Cross of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to deliver us from our enemies, and from all the snares of evil, which against our physical and spiritual health. *

* But do you know how to do the “sign of the Cross”?! *



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Solemnly, without haste, and with the greatest devotion and respect:

* † By the sign of the Holy Cross (on the forehead): we ask God to give us good thoughts, noble and pure. And may He remove from us the evil thoughts, which only cause us evil. *

* † Deliver us God, our Lord (in the mouth): we pray to God that from our lips only praise. May our talk always be for the edification of the Kingdom of God and for the well-being of our neighbor. *

* † From our enemies (on the heart): so that in our hearts only the love and the law of the Lord reign, therefore, away from all bad feelings, such as hatred, avarice, lust. in true worshipers. *

* † In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen! – It is the act of deliverance and must be done with the greatest reverence, conscience, faith and love, for it expresses our faith in the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, the core of our Christian faith, God in himself. It should be done with the right hand, taking it from the forehead to the belly, and from the left shoulder to the right. *

Now that you already know the importance of the “sign of the Cross,” * do it before leaving home, before any work, during difficult times and hours of joy as well.

* Do it on yourself, and, whenever possible, on the forehead of your child, your husband, your wife, your brother, your nephew …

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Always ask God to free you and yours from all evils, to do everything, to wake up, to eat, to study, to work, to sleep, to travel … In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Amen!*



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