Prayer of the Holy Wounds of Jesus


An effective prayer for the sick and for the release of depression (can be prayed in isolation or as a novena)

Eternal Father, I offer you the Holy Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of our body and our soul. (3x)

Lord Jesus, I place in your Holy Wounds all the sick. You who through your Word and by the touch of your hands have cured blind, crippled, lepers and many other sick.

Encouraged by faith, we also come to pray for these sick whose names we now remember.

(Say the names of the sick for which you are praying this prayer)

We ask, Lord, that through your Holy Wounds he heal the distressed hearts and free them from depression.

Give, Lord, for your Holy Wounds, perseverance in prayer, despite the discouragement of disease itself.

By your Holy Wounds, give the grace of simplicity to accept the help of professionals, family and friends.

By your Holy Wounds, I grant resistance in pain and strength in the face of the difficulties of treatment.

Lord Jesus, who have taken upon us our sufferings and endured our sorrows, we beseech you for our sick brethren: strengthen your patience and revive your hope, so that through your blessing you may overcome sickness and attain, with your help, a complete recovery.

Lord, trusting, we also place our own infirmities in your Holy Redeeming Wounds.

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Give us the grace to perceive the transience of this life and to understand that sin is the greatest of all diseases.

May we have the understanding that in human suffering your Redemptive Passion is completed.

By your Holy Wounds, deliver us from depression.

By your Holy Wounds, heal our wounds of body and soul.




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